portland, or.

morning after the wedding we drove the twenty minutes into town to meet some friends for breakfast at radio room.  nothing better than some of the hair of the dog that bit ya.  three bloody mary’s and a blood orange mimosa made with puree.  it was kind of amazing. 

i had the margherita.  a sandwich with marinated tomato, basil leaves, harvati and fresh asiago on rustic white.  with charred tomato soup and house made pickles.  the pickles were a little sweet, but the rest would be worth driving all the way back to portland for.  it was delicious.  toasted to perfection with just the right amount of stability to dip into the soup and carry a glob of it all to your mouth. 

we spent the time between bites recapping the night before and making plans for the rest of the day.  debates of camping, wandering, tattooing, more eating, swimming, and more food were lazily had.